Welcome to Diverse Options, Inc.

Mission Statement

The mission of Diverse Options, Inc. is to support, educate and empower individuals  to reach their highest level of independence.

 Vision Statement

To be a model organization, offering choices and opportunities for growth, through a balance of leadership, education, industry support and community involvement.


Values and Beliefs

All people should be treated with respect and dignity.

 All people are individuals with diverse needs and talents.

 All people have the right to make choices, take risks and are responsible for their actions.

 All people at Diverse Options, Inc. are critical to the success of our organization, our customers and our associates.

 All Diverse Options, Inc.’s products, services and support provided to customers and associates will be of the highest quality.

 Diverse Options, Inc. seeks change as an opportunity to improve our products and services to our customers and associates.

 Diverse Options, Inc. operates in an environment of growth, creativity, ongoing education and total commitment to our customers and Associates.

 Diverse Options, Inc. maintains public trust through fiscal accountability, accurate communication, and acknowledgement of all contributions and corporate involvement in the community.

Save the Date!
On August 24th, Diverse Options will be holding our Annual Mid-Week Break Golf Outing.  If you haven’t done so, please call Diverse Options and register your team!  We would love to host you and your group for our largest annual fundraising event. 
For more information call Diverse Options at 920-748-6387 or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/diverseoptions



Think of all the negative connotations of words that begin with the prefix ‘dis’: disassemble, disassociate, disrepair, disgust, displace, displeasure, disingenuous, dispute, dissonant, dissolute, distort, distress, dissuade, dissatisfied and disrespect

‘Dis’ leaves Diverse Options President Al Schraeder dispirited, disappointed, displeased and disturbed. So, from now on, Diverse Options has dropped the ‘dis’.

“Those three letters are not a positive thing, so we are dropping the ‘dis,’” Schraeder said, citing the new Diverse Options, Inc. slogan, #dropthedis.

Diverse Options is removing the ‘dis’ from all the organization’s printed materials and its Web site and Facebook page. We’re not going to use it. Why do we need to refer to the people we work with as having disabilities? We don’t have to.

They’re people; people we work with; people who are part of the Diverse Options, Inc. family. And families are strongest when they care for each other.

At Diverse Options, we focus on people. We focus on ability. We focus on caring for the members of our extended DO, Inc. family.

Wear your wrist-band proudly, and when someone asks you what #dropthedis means, make sure you tell them!